Mediation is a safe environment for parties to make mutual agreements for their separation and divorce. Family Law Mediation focuses on all aspects of divorce, including forming a parenting plan, dividing assets, allocating child support, and, sometimes, determining spousal support.

Mediation is a confidential process, and it takes place without the presence of a judge. Clients like this as it allows them to retain control over the outcome, instead of leaving important decisions—like child custody and visitation—to be made by a judge. It’s also far less time-consuming and far more cost-effective than the traditional litigative divorce process. It’s done only between parties and a mediator. Their own family law attorney may be present as an advocate only if they see fit.

Both parties enter the process with an intention to end the relationship with the respect and dignity they both deserve. Nothing is set in stone, no final decision is made, until it’s been agreed upon, accepted and committed to by both parties.

As a mediator, Carolyn is an advocate for the divorcing couple and is there only to guide the process and ensure a safe environment. The mediator does not have the power to dictate terms, make decisions or give individual legal advice. The mediator is present really to make sure the process stays on track, is handled efficiently, and to answer questions that may arise.

The most critical functions of the mediator is to be unbiased, neutral and empathetic. He or she is a servant to the process, and the process is only a success if both parties walk away with everything they need.

Carolyn has served in this role for years, and has seen couples reach agreements and go on to have sustaining and healthy relationships. She does this by helping people effectively communicate and reach agreements on issues they need to resolve when ending a marriage. This can create the best possible outcome, especially when there are children involved. Carolyn is a professionally trained family law mediator, and strives to ensure that the arrangement, for both parties, is undeniably fair.

Mediation is ultimately about keeping the power in your hands, and it’s an ideal option for divorcing couples who want a healthy relationship once the separation or divorce is finished.

Litigation doesn’t always have to be the answer. Carolyn offers mediation as a more cost-effective, less stressful, more harmonious way to build solutions at the end of a marriage.

If you and your partner are looking to keep your separation as peaceful as possible, give our office a call to find out your next steps.