Carolyn was an educator in public and private schools for over 15 years. While working with children, Carolyn saw over and over the effects that a divorce can have on them and their families. This compelled her to transition to a career in family law.

In 1996, Carolyn received her JD from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College. She was already an associate attorney at a law firm while studying, and after graduation Carolyn started practicing family law and working full-time. She joined the Scott Horenstein Law Firm in 1999, where she eventually became partner. The firm changed to Horenstein & Drew in 2007, and then, in 2008, Carolyn founded her own Vancouver family law firm, The Law Offices of Carolyn M. Drew.

Carolyn’s practice is devoted to divorce and family law. Traditional divorce litigation is adversarial in nature, and she started to feel as if she was a “gladiator”. She saw the emotional and financial toll this process was taking on her clients, time and again. What’s worse is that Carolyn saw herself practicing the very thing which she got into law to turn around.

Carolyn began looking for an alternative method. How could one rectify family disputes and distribute assets without ruining relationships, and lives?

Carolyn began guiding her clients towards mediation, a more respectful and effective process for resolving disputes. Carolyn furthered her practice by receiving advanced mediation training from Forrest “Woody” S. Mosten, a long-practicing and well-renowned family law attorney in Los Angeles.

Carolyn was soon introduced to Collaborative Law, an emerging process highly utilized by family law attorneys worldwide for it’s peaceful and solutions-oriented nature. Ultimately, Carolyn became a trained Collaborative Law attorney and began to shift her focus towards this, mediation, and other out-of-court resolutions for her divorce clients.

Carolyn also has vast first-hand experience in working with families with a child or children with special needs. Having raised a child with special needs herself, she personally understands how this divorce process is a unique challenge for families. Her experience can lead to a child-centered approach with unique resolutions.

Carolyn has seen the shortfalls of the traditional legal system, which can often generalize situations. Thus, she is extra dedicated to providing an empathetic, holistic approach for every new situation.

The most rewarding part? Besides peaceful and wholesome resolution, it’s the truths and insights revealed by her process that her clients weren’t previously aware of.

Carolyn’s intake process is personalized (after all, everyone’s needs are different). Her agile mind allows quick solutions to spontaneous crises. Most importantly, her bottom-line objective is a resolution that stays out of the court and within the best interests of both parties.

Also, in family law, every so often a person chooses to represent him/herself. Thus, Carolyn offers divorce “coaching”, just in case the person needs some guidance in their process.

Listed below are her areas of practice:

  • Divorce
  • Family Dissolution
  • Unmarried Cohabitation Issues
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Surrogate Children of NonBiological Relation
  • Family Law representation or mediation for families with Special Needs Children.
  • Adoption
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Visitation Rights
  • Same Sex Marriages/Relationships/Cohabitation
  • Post dissolution Modification of Parenting Plans and Support Orders
  • Third Party Custody of Children

After 22 years of practicing family law, Carolyn has gained experience in a wide array of practices, and has worked with just about every type of family you can think of. Saying that, she knows and appreciates that no two cases are alike.

If you have a question, or are ready to move forward in mediation or collaboration, give Carolyn’s office a call to take the next step.