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Devoted to helping families find resolution to their legal issues by providing alternative, compassionate methods that can save them from financial and emotional stress.

Divorce shouldn’t be any harder than it has to be.

Mediation and collaborative law are aimed at one goal – crafting a mutually-agreed outcome that leaves both parties in the best possible standing. The relationship of the family is of utmost importance in this transition, and it’s what Carolyn is committed to preserving.

The decisions that affect your family should be handled by you.

Mediation and collaborative law keeps resolution from going to court, meaning you are not at the mercy of a judge. Carolyn’s process keeps the decision in your hands.

Mediation & collaborative law are cost-effective and less stressful.

By avoiding the courtroom, you will likely save that amount of money in legal fees. You also avoid the stress of undergoing the confrontational nature of a court battle

Conflict is inevitable, combat is a choice.

Carolyn understands that no two cases are alike, which is why she makes it a priority to understand your case and your wishes before determining an approach. Some situations do not fit the criteria for mediation and collaborative law, and Carolyn still retains her traditional litigation for those clients.

Carolyn also offers divorce advice and coaching. This is for someone who might not need a more involved or complex approach, and has chosen to self-represent through a divorce or dissolution.

Carolyn will assist with making the most informed decisions and ensure you’re aware of all your options. Sometimes just talking through the process makes it less stressful. This is the most cost-effective method in divorce, and preferred by many if it suits their needs.

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